Bespoke Organizational Consultancy



Together with you and your team we will select and implement
the right design anchors to improve your organization.


Work with pleasure

Be your true self at work,
and do what you are best at.

Motivate by meaning

Engagement comes natural,
if you know your work serves a purpose.

Develop for growth

Continuous learning is the only
guarantee for sustainable results.

Align for results

Functional initiatives need
to be aligned to be effective.

Trust in teams

Let them find and implement solutions,
and beat complexity.

so, how will you do this, Rob ?

well, I use a combination of methods

  • I question people about their view on past, current and future.
  • I map the situation looking at tangibles and intangibles.
  • I identify strengths on which we can build.
  • Step by step you get new insights.
  • Via proven measurement instruments from key partnerships I do fact finding.
  • I trust in my experience and intuition to determine intangible components.
  • The total view gives you a new understanding of the situation.
  • I am no big planner.
  • For sure I will propose a basic plan, but timing remains flexible.
  • A decision can only be made if the deciders are ready to make the call.
  • That’s why I often work with iterations.
  • Gradually we include new insights into the decision making process.
  • Integrated organizing means aligning functional efforts in an overall approach.
  • This requires the cooperation of experts of all disciplines.
  • I will act as facilitator and translator.
  • External partners can take experts roles, if some are lacking or not available in house.
  • Through integrated interaction, leverage is created.
  • The future is built on the experience of the present people.
  • I facilitate the exchanges in your teams.
  • It will be their ideas and their solutions that matter.
  • I bring examples, articles, books to widen their view.
  • Many projects start ambitiously, but don’t factor in the energy factor.
  • I look at the energy levels.
  • Which issue are you ready to tackle ?
  • The success on the first issue creates confidence for the next.
  • I will re-engage dormant energy.
  • New energy can take on new projects.

Rob, can you give me some examples ?

sure, here are a few cases I worked on

Client logo
Network Optimization
Cost reduction objective
Find a way to fly the same network with less aircraft
Client logo
Leadership development
Operations & Personal development
Install and run the AB-Inbev Western Europe Leadership Academy
Client logo
Change Management
Increase our succesrate on people projects
Install an internal Change Management office
Client logo
Future readiness
Efficiency & engagement improvement
Create simple and transparant payment schemes for the workers

call on me

together with you and your team we will select and implement
the right design anchors to improve your organisation

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